We love movies. Every week they spend countless hours viewing, meditating upon, philosophically deconstructing, and engaging in lengthy pseudo-intellectual discourse about movies--hours that probably should be spent doing something more productive. Once upon a summer's day, We decided to start recording our conversations on a wax cylinder. While the medium may have not been the best choice and audio wasn't very high quality, we have managed to improve the technology so that our rants could be understood by the internet at large. And there was much rejoicing in the land (except from Steven's wife, who was terribly embarrassed about the whole thing).

Nate Nate was once a silent film star whose song-and-dance skills helped him make an effective transition into talkies. Now he won't shut up. Nate loves meditative films and is crossing his fingers for Nature Scene Screen Saver: The Movie. His favorite films include A History of Violence, A Beautiful Mind, Children of Men, and The Graduate. Nate's editing skills make our podcast more than random epithets hurled at one another every week.

Steven Steven is a faithful servant of the United Federation of Planets and hopes to one day serve on Starfleet's legendary flagship. He spends his free time brooding over the graves of dead poets. Steve's favorite films include the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back, The Matrix, and 28 Days Later. He is our talented developer, and our wesbite would not exist without him.

Tom Tom was once a mere temp worker who was kidnapped by mad scientists and imprisoned on a satellite in outer space where he was forced to watch bad movies with a couple of sentient robots. He escaped more than a decade ago, yet still he sits alone in a darkened room watching bad movies, whispering wisecracks into the dark. His favorite films include Raiders of the Lost Ark,Casablanca, Am´┐Żlie, and City Lights. He edits our blog, the Rant Pad, where you can check out his article series such as "Buried Cinema" and "30 Days of Madness." He also is responsible for editing the podcast audio.

Brian Brian is a lovable street rat from Agrabah who escaped prison and went into the Cave of Wonder in search of fame and fortune. After the cave to collapsed, Brian is trapped, forced to listen to Robin Williams tell jokes for the rest of his life. His favorite films include Office Space, The Godfather and Pulp Fiction. He designed the look of our site.

Kevin Kevin was just a burned out hacker who was approached one day by a strange man in a trenchcoat. This man offered him two pills, the truth, and a trenchcoat of his very own. When he chose the blue pill, he woke up in a future dystopia ruled by machines. He's now known to his friends as the chosen one and is constantly doing that party trick where he stops bullets, even though everyone is rather tired of it. Kevin makes sure the technology keeps grinding.

BuriedCinemus Emeritus

Alban Alban hails from a tribe in the arctic North, where his waterbending skills are the stuff of legend. He journeyed southward on a quest to master the elements and now roams the land helping villagers in need. He would like nothing better than to give you a hug. Alban's favorite films include The Lion King, Finding Nemo, Good Will Hunting, and The Shawshank Redemption. The podcast would not look or sound as good as it does without him.

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