Episode 246 : Fire & Blood & The S.A.T.'s

Fire & Blood & The S.A.T.'s

This week on Buried Cinema:

On this episode of Buried Cinema, we discuss three new summer flicks, as well as one of last year's most acclaimed films and one movie from 2004 that everyone (probably rightly) forgot about. We start with Steve's pick, "Avengers: Age of Ultron," a little sci-fi flick about artificial intelligence starring a bunch of people you've probably never heard of. Next we talk about Tom's pick, "The Perfect Score," about a bunch of high school seniors who take the S.A.T.'s way too seriously. Then we move onto Kevin's pick, "Mad Max: Fury Road," which we all agree is freakin' awesome. We then get into a heated discussion about Nate's pick, "Tomorrowland." Finally, we talk about Brian's pick from his Top 10 list of last year, "Nightcrawler," about a psychopath videoprapher who bamfs from crime scene to crime scene. (And I am SO SORRY about the terribly inconsistent audio.)

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