Episode 252 : Once Upon Five Decembers

Once Upon Five Decembers

This week on Buried Cinema:

Steve has first pick, so of course he picked "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and tasked the rest of us with picking other December releases to go with it. And we did pick December releases, just not from December 2015. Nate went with the 1972 classic "Sleuth," starring Lawrence Olivier and Michael Caine, and Kevin picked the 1973 classic "Papillon," starring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. And things went very well. Tom picked the less well-known Cannon film "Runaway Train" from 1985 starring Jon Voight and Eric Roberts. And things went less well. And new guy Patrick gets his first pick with the Danish black comedy "The Green Butchers," because of course. Finally we "look forward" to Junk January. It's long one, folks, but we know the sounds of our voices soothe you.

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