Episode 256 : Memories of Deadpool

Memories of Deadpool

This week on Buried Cinema:

Hey everybody, Buried Cinema will now be releasing two episodes a month! Every month someone on the podcast gets to pick a movie and a theme based on that movie, and the others pick movies based on that theme. Steve had first pick this month and chose "Deadpool," where Ryan Reynolds finally gets to star in a superhero movie that doesn't suck. The theme for March is movies that push the limits of their genres, and Nate's pairing for this episode is from his spiritual homeland of South Korea (even though Nate is very, very Irish-white), director Joon Ho Bong's 2003 detective story "Memories of Murder." Next episode we will continue the theme with Patrick's pick of the 1967 classic "Bonnie & Clyde" and Kevin's pick from one of the podcast's favorite directors, David Cronenberg's 2002 psychological drama "Spider."

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