Episode 267 : The Horse Whisperer and the Paraplegic Disc Jockey

The Horse Whisperer and the Paraplegic Disc Jockey

This week on Buried Cinema:

Before They Were Avengers month continues with a little Mark Ruffalo and a really little Scarlett Johansson. First we look at 'The Horse Whisperer,' where director Robert Redford directs Kristin Scott Thomas to make out with him. There's also a subplot about a horse and her girl, played by a 14-year-old Black Widow. Then we look at soon-to-be-Hulk's directorial debut 'Sympathy for Delicious,' about a turntablist who gets paralyzed from the waist down and then for some reason can't spin records anymore but starts healing the other homeless people but then hits it big with a bunch of 'musicians' but then ends up in prison. Yep. At the end we look forward to Steve's Destroy Our Childhoods month.

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