Episode 276 : Junk January IV: Interplanetary Cosmic Debris

Junk January IV: Interplanetary Cosmic Debris

This week on Buried Cinema:

Welcome to 2017! It's January again, which means we scrape the bottom of the barrel for the worst movies we can find. There's a twist this year: all movies had to be big budget busts. And there's another twist: every one of these movies has the name of a planet in the title. We kick things off with mega-flop 'The Adventures of Pluto Nash' starring Eddie Murphy (yes, we still count Pluto, you monsters); followed by the Wachowskis' space opera 'Jupiter Ascending'; 90s Bruce Willis action flick 'Mercury Rising'; and Disney's biggest mistake ever, 'Mars Needs Moms.' We also welcome back Baltimore stand-up comedian (and Tom's brother), Dan Marse-Kapr.

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