Episode 292 : Wholesome Animal Love

Wholesome Animal Love

This week on Buried Cinema:

Patrick discovers Netflix makes movies and wants to explore his feelings of wholesome animal love with 'Okja', then forces that exploration on the rest of us. Steve tries to subvert with Robert Bresson's 1966 French donkey tale 'Au hasard Balthazar', Kevin makes all us grown men cry with Disney's 1957 'Old Yeller', and Tom perks us all back up with Tanya Roberts in 1984's 'Sheena.' It's an animal love fest this week on Buried Cinema. (Join us next week as we scrape the bottom of the cinematic barrel for Junk January.) Balthazar starts at 21:31. Yeller starts at 48:01. Sheena starts at 1:05:20.

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