Episode 293 : Simon Sez Ghosts Can't Do It

Simon Sez Ghosts Can't Do It

This week on Buried Cinema:

Junk January is our annual podcast where we review the worst movies we can find, and with that comes the return of guest podcaster and Baltimore comedian, Dan Marse-Kapr. We let him pick the theme this year, and that theme is, 0% rating on aggregate critic website Rotten Tomatoes. We review the 1999 Dennis Rodman (snicker) action vehicle 'Simon Sez'; 1998 adaptation of classic British spy show, 'The Avengers' (segment begins at 29:57); 1982 Barry Bostwick (snicker) action vehicle 'Megaforce' (48:57); and finally, possibly the worst film we've ever covered, John & Bo Derek's abysmal 1989 "comedy" 'Ghosts Can't Do It' (1:10:50).

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